Funds raised go to projects like Bansang School

Thank you all so much for the donations that have helped us rebuild the school in Bansang. You can see some before and after photos below.

Rebuilding Classrooms

These Classrooms were unable to be used, so when we arrived the school was only able to run at 54% capacity

Now most of the classrooms have new roofs, windows and doors and have been refurbished


New School Walls

The school boundary walls were dangerous due to collapse.

 Now they have been rebuilt and completed to surround the school


New floors and a Library

The floors had disintegrated, so the mud has to be watered daily to keep the dust down. 

Now new floors have been laid in all the classrooms and we built a new library


Not enough Desks or Chairs

There weren't enough places for pupils to sit, and they didn't have enough basic equipment to give each child an exercise book

Now new desks and benches have been made by local carpenters and every child has books