Fresh Water Please

Some Communities struggle to gain access to clean water. As we raise funds we either put them towards school refurbishment projects or new boreholes near schools to provide the children and community with water

The only water accessible to the community in Bansang was this colour, so the community approached us for help

After a lot of fundraising and generous donations we raised the £6,000 to have a borehole drilled just outside the Secondary School

Getting Fresh Water


Drilling Begins

To great excitement the drill rolled into town and was set up

A town elder broke the soil to enable the drilling to start, and then is provided with a chair to watch and wait for fresh water to start flowing


The first fresh water

With slow drilling and a lot of patience water is finally found. Celebrations and dancing errupted

Quickly local plumbers laid pipes, put in taps and created a drainage area


The first Elder collecting water 

This lady had not tasted clean water for many years and had told her grandchildren what fresh water tasted like

Now the town and school have clean water.


Sustainable Projects

To enable access to water the charity needed to provide water towers and also a generator and pump

The town have put in place a system to collect 1 Dalasis for water, from those who can afford it, which they use to maintain the pump and buy fuel for the generator. 


Thank you to everyone who continues to support our projects to help improve children's lives in Gambia