Who are we?

We started as a group of 10 friends and family in 2001 who wanted to help the poorest children of The Gambia to be able to go to school from the age of 4. Our charity is completely voluntary which means every penny donated is sent to Gambia to assist with projects  
What have we done so far? 
Our fundraising efforts began in 2001 when we visited Roots Nursery School in Fajikunda, The Gambia. We found that free education did not start until the age of 8, so families had to pay for schooling from the ages of 4 - 7.
We began with the small scale support of FajiKunda Nursery School, taking paper, pens and anything we could get in our suitcases. We soon noticed that many of the poorest children were not attending school as they couldn`t afford the fees, so we decided to become a registered charity and try to raise enough money to pay for the rent of the building and other running costs.
Amazingly we raised enough money to buy land and build a small school so the facilities could be provided rent free. This school was opened in 2009


Gambia 2011_438.jpg
Since then we have provided play equipment, teaching aids and toys and we continue to maintain the fabric of the building. Our focus has now shifted to encouraging sponsorship of individual children. We work with the head teachers to identify the poorest families. There are 140 children in the school of which about 70 are sponsored through our charity.
Since 2001 we have been able to help more Schools with sustainable community projects. We have helped with renovation projects by providing materials and taking over tradesmen/women to train people in the local communities 



And more recently we have begun a project that helps provide fresh water to schools. The Communities take the full responsibility  of maintaining and improving the services, and our charity simply provides them with the initial provision of a bore hole, water towers and a generator.



We are always considering new projects but ensure that projects are sustainable at source.