Some of the story so far.....

Children at Fence

Children who can`t afford to go to school watch their friends through the fence

Opening day at Roots Nursery School

A picture presented to the charity on the opening day of the new school

New Wall

Some of the boundary wall re-built

Football Kit

This kit was donated by East Coast Warriors in North Norfolk

Toys at Roots Nursery School

Examining a new toy for the first time

Playing with a new toy

Toys donated by Ladybird Nursery in Sheringham are really enjoyed by the children

Teaching aids

Teaching aids donated to Roots Nursery School


The children at Roots Nursery School singing with one of our trustees

Vegetable Gardens Bansang

This is where the children grow food for the school

Playground wall at Bansang

This is part of the playground wall. We have raised enough funds to fully repair this.

Roots Nursery School, Fajikunda

Childres at Roots Nursery School

  • Water is Life
  • The children say Thank you
  • The children fill their buckets
  • The Community Using the Tap
  • Clean Water
  • Placing a tap
  • Fresh Water!!
  • Children with a bottle of water
  • The Alkalo Breaking the soil for drilling
  • The Drilling Machine
  • Children at Fence
  • Opening day at Roots Nursery School
  • New Wall
  • Football Kit
  • Toys at Roots Nursery School
  • Playing with a new toy
  • Teaching aids
  • Singing
  • Vegetable Gardens Bansang
  • Playground wall at Bansang
  • Roots Nursery School, Fajikunda